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Why is My A/C Not Blowing Cold Air?

We know that it can be an annoyance to get into your vehicle on a hot California day only to find that your air conditioning isn't blowing cold air. Air is coming out of the vents, but it feels lukewarm and never gets really cold, even on MAX. Not only are you stuck in a hot car for the remainder of your ride, but you're probably also wondering why your A/C isn't blowing cold air anymore. Let's take a look at some of the causes for this particular symptom.

There are actually a few different causes for why a car's air conditioner would stop blowing cold air. The most common is that there is low or no refrigerant left in the A/C system. This is typically caused by a leak somewhere in the air conditioning system, which is not uncommon after certain periods of time. Things like the o-rings and seals can wear down with regular use of your vehicle and cause refrigerant to leak, in turn causing the system to run on low refrigerant. 

Another potential cause for no cold air is an issue with the compressor. Your car's A/C compressor may not be working when the A/C is turned on, which means that refrigerant isn't being circulated throughout the system. This can be caused by low refrigerant as well, but can also indicate an issue with the compressor clutch or a blown fuse. 

In addition to low refrigerant and compressor issues, another potential cause of no cold air can be a faulty air flow control flap, which can prevent air from being circulated throughout the A/C evaporator core. This just means that your vehicle's HVAC system is doing its job, but the air isn't being routed into your vehicle. 

The common causes listed above are usually responsible for an air conditioning system that doesn't blow cold air. If you're currently experiencing this issue, we invite you into our shop here at Sherman Oaks Exclusive at your earliest convenience. We don't want you to be stuck in the Cali heat with A/C, and we will take care of the issue quickly and professionally. Give us a call today if you need car a/c repair in Sherman Oaks CA today. 

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