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Car Overheating Problems

Car Overheating Problems

Car overheating, no matter what the reason, is cause for concern. And for many people, sends a wave of panic through their body. Why Is My Car Overheating? There are many things that could cause car overheating, and if you're the one who's having problems, you probably want answers - fast. Therefore, our Sherman Oaks Auto Repair has put together some of the reasons your car may be overheating: low coolant level a leak in the engine's cooling systems it has a bad thermostat the water pump is broken there is trapped air inside the cooling system the radiator fan isn't working it has a clogged radiator core you need to replace the radiator cap it has a blown gasket Car overheating isn't something to be taken lightly, nor should you procrastinate on getting it checked and repaired. If your car is overheating, please contact our Sherman Oaks Auto Repair immediately! We are the largest ... read more


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