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Battery Service; Plugs, Ignition Coils & Wires Maintenance

Battery Service; Plugs, Ignition Coils & Wires Maintenance

The ignition is key to an engine’s performance and relies on important components like the batteries,plugs, ignition coils and wires. The goal is to produce a high-voltage spark from the battery to ensure combustion of the fuel mixture. The process of charging low voltage to high voltage occurs in the ignition coil and travels through wires. When all the parts work in sync, a high voltage spark is delivered to the spark plugs. Ignition Maintenance and Battery Service Regular ignition maintenance and battery service are effective ways to keep your car running smoothly, prevent roadside breakdowns and to avoid a battery repair. The most common problem with car batteries is incomplete charging. A battery repair specialist can help pinpoint the problem. When a battery repair is not feasible, the battery will need to be replaced. Battery service includes: Visual inspection of batteries cable terminals. Test to check cranking amp capacity of the battery. Cleaning ... read more