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Wheel Alignment or Tire Balance, Which Do You Need?

Wheel balance and alignment frequently take place concurrently, but they must not be mistaken for one another! If you want to know how to differentiate the two, you have come to the right place.

Wheel alignment

The mechanism that links a car to its tires is adjusted during wheel alignment, sometimes referred to as tire alignment. A wheel alignment is the process of changing the angles of the wheels on your car so that they all cooperate in straightaway and turns. Your wheels may become slightly out of tune with each other when you're driving every day.

Your tires are effectively leaving scuff marks on the ground as you drive when one or several of your tires aren't pointed in the same direction. This can result in accelerated tire wear, tugging between one side or another an off-center steering wheel, and reduced fuel efficiency. It's a smart idea to have your alignments checked twice a year, if you can.

Causes of wheel alignment

• Potholes

• Unsettling effects (hitting a curb)

• Standard wear and tear

• Reckless driving

• Hefty loads

• Damaged or new suspension components

• Incompatible tires

Signs you need wheel alignment

• Your car pulls or drifts to the left or right.

• When you're traveling on a smooth, level road, you experience a strange tug between one side or another

• Your steering wheel is trembling, you notice

• Although you are traveling straight, your steering is not in the middle

• You see inconsistent tire wear

Wheel balancing

Tire balancing, commonly referred to as wheel balancing, balances out the wheels' uneven weight distribution.

Your wheels and tires are put onto a wheel balancing device throughout a tire balance procedure. In order for a technician to accurately install the right tire weights and establish a correctly adjusted wheel and tire assembly, the machine rotates the wheel set - up to measure the imbalance.

What causes the need for a wheel balancing?

• Normal wear and flaws in tires

• Worn suspension components

• Abrupt impact (fender-benders)

Signs you need wheel balancing

• As the car accelerates up, an unbalanced wheel will cause vibrations in the seat or steering wheel

• Irregular pattern of tread wear

• Wear patterns on an unbalanced tire may be cupped or scalloped


While sometimes you might not know exactly what you need, a professional will. Bring your car to Sherman Oaks Exclusive for expert assistance on wheel alignment and balancing today.