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What is a Cooling System Flush?

What is a cooling system, and what exactly does it do?

A cooling system flush is a mechanical system that keeps your vehicles from overheating. This process is very important as energy in your vehicle has a conversion process from where gasoline becomes heat energy that fuels your car. This energy and the cooling system work together to prevent your engine from overheating but at the same time, allows your engine to become heated quickly in times of cold weather where your car is at risk of being damaged from the severe cold.

In order for your cooling system to blend in and deal with both burning hot and freezing cold temperatures and use them to their advantage, it uses a substance called antifreeze, which has elements of ethylene glycol inside which absorb heat and cool the engine, as well as using the absorbed heat and oxygen to warm the engine when the car is cold.

How often is the cooling flush system needed?

Your cooling flush system will always be intact and needed, so the question rather is, when will I need to flush my radiator? Flushing your radiator ensures that your cooling system will run smoothly and that your car won't have any issues. If your antifreeze substance gets contaminated, it is at risk of not working properly when the cold weather impacts the engine, and in return, does severe damage to your engine.

If your cooling system isn't changed on a regular basis, it also may face issues with corrosion, which will clog several important machineries in your car that helps it to run. Below are instances where you will need to flush your radiator.

The smell coming from the car engine

If you smell something similar to maple syrup coming from your engine, it is most likely the smell leaking from the ethylene in the antifreeze. This means that your antifreeze is being burned through.

Leaking fluid

If antifreeze is leaking in the appearance of a blue or orange liquid, it's a sign that there is something wrong with your cooling system.

If you come across any of the issues mentioned above, please feel free to give us a call and come into our auto repair shop to take a look.