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What is a Brake Fade?

You may have heard the term "brake fade" before, or have at least experienced it. A brake fade is when you experience a temporary loss or reduction in brake power. It can be a scary occurrence, and is definitely something you want to avoid as a driver. 

When you apply pressure on the brake pedal, the brake system works together to slow down your car. If you experience a brake fade, you may have total brake failure. This often times leads to accidents and scary situations on the road. It is often temporary, but all it takes is a few seconds to not stop in time to hit another vehicle. This is why it is so important to take care of your vehicle's brakes and try to prevent this from happening. 

What causes brake fade? Brake fade happens when the brake pads overheat. When they overheat, they aren't able to create friction with the rotors. 

How can I avoid brake fade? 

  • Stay on top of your vehicle's brake system maintenance such as having good brake pads, resurfacing rotors, checking brake fluids and lines, etc. The experts here at Sherman Oaks Exclusive can make sure that your brakes are always in top condition when you visit our shop for maintenance. 
  • Only use OEM or better brake parts for your car
  • Have your brake pads or other brake services performed by specialists

The single most effective way that you can avoid brake fade is with good vehicle maintenance, and the professionals here at Sherman Oaks Exclusive can help. For all of your brake needs, give us a call or stop by our shop today! 

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