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What Causes Wiper Blades to Deteriorate?

Most drivers forget to appreciate their windshield wiper blades and underestimate their importance until they are in rain or snow. The truth is most drivers don't replace their windshield wipers on time, including YOU. They are a simple, inexpensive car component, and they are essential in providing you visibility of the road. Over time, your wipers will become ineffective at doing what it does best: clearing your windscreen.

What Makes Wipers Dull?

Windscreen wipers will naturally become dull over time. They are constantly exposed to a harsh external environment like heat. And since they are exposed to the air, unlike the components under the hood, they need frequent replacements. The blades will wear out by drying out and (sometimes) bending.

We highly suggest you get your windshield wipers replaced every six months to a year. Just know that the earlier you notice their incapabilities, the sooner you should get them renewed to avoid getting into a vehicle accident.

Depending on the quality of the wiper blades and the environment you drive daily, your wipers' lifespan will vary. Sometimes, they can last up to two years if you take good care of them. Whenever you bring your vehicle in for service, like an oil change, feel free to ask the mechanic to inspect the blades. As we approach winter, you may need to rely on the blades more than before.

Signs It's Time for a Wiper Blade Replacement

Whenever you turn on the wiper function and hear squeaking sounds follow, it might be time to get new windshield wipers. Some other signs of old wiper blades include:

  • Smeared or streaky water
  • Skipping
  • Cracks and tears on the rubber
  • Broken frame
  • Corroded components

Our ASE-certified mechanics at Sherman Oaks Exclusive will be able to determine if your wipers need reviving. We make the necessary replacements for your convenience, so feel free to come by our shop today!