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What are the Symptoms of Worn Shock Absorbers?

Your vehicle's shock absorbers are super important to the overall comfort and safety of your drive. Their job is to absorb shock from the road (hence their name) and dampen the force that you actually feel after driving over uneven surfaces or bumps. This also helps you keep better control of your vehicle when it comes to steering and braking. 

As you can imagine, with a job mentioned above, the shocks are constantly working under a lot of pressure and force, which is why they do tend to wear down over time. When they are worn, they are significantly less effective and they can start to cause damage to other surrounding parts. 

When you drive with worn shocks, you may notice that your ride is bumpier than usual. Besides the actual comfort of your drive, worn shocks can actually begin to damage connecting suspension components and wear down your tires unevenly and excessively. This is why it is important to have your shocks replaced as soon as you notice that they aren't working as they should. 

So, what are the symptoms of worn shock absorbers? Here are the most prevalent warning signs to remember: 

  • Vehicle vibrates or shakes at high speeds
  • Vehicle tips to one side when turning
  • Front-end drives when braking
  • Rear-end squats when accelerating
  • Bouncing excessively over bumps
  • Unusual tire wear
  • Shocks appear to be leaking fluid

If you notice any of the warning signs listed above, we invite you into Sherman Oaks Exclusive for an inspection. The shocks are a hydraulic component, meaning that it uses fluid to absorb the shock from the road. Typically when a shock is worn, it begins to leak that fluid, which is what causes it to become ineffective. 

When you bring your vehicle into Sherman Oaks Exclusive, we perform a full inspection of the suspension system to pinpoint any issues and determine if you need new shocks or struts. You can trust that our professionals will get you back on the road with a restored vehicle in no time. 

For all of your vehicle's suspension repair and services needs in Sherman Oaks, CA, bring your vehicle into Sherman Oaks Exclusive today!