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Top 5 Must-Have Car Gadgets

When you start to look at your vehicle as an expensive, long-term investment, it will change your perspective on what you want to do with it. With as hefty of a purchase as your car, you have the freedom to customize and do whatever to your vehicle as you please. Nowadays there are so many cool and innovative accessories that you can use to improve your driving experience. Here are our top products that we feel like every driver should have for their vehicle!


Phone Holder

Nowadays, most phone mounts require no installation and attach to your phone with solid clasps or magnets, making them very accessible. Most of them are resilient, so you can adjust the angle to see your phone at different angles. It's also nice to have your phone in a place that you know. And your phone can sit on the mount charging as well! This item comes in handy, especially if you're the type of driver that depends on navigational apps.


Console Side Pocket

A console side pocket helps to keep your phone, keys, and other loose items from falling into the dead space between your seats. Since it's shaped like a long pocket, you can also store spare change and other items in it. 


Bluetooth Key Finder

If you are the type of person who's always searching for their keys, look no further. There are little technology portable fobs that are perfect for you. They attach to your keys and sync up to your mobile device so that you can find them anywhere. It can also ring to allow you to find it in its precise location! 


Blind Spot Mirror

These small mirrors are proven to be life-changing by preventing many accidents from happening. All you have to do is apply them to both your side mirrors using adhesive stickers. These mirror attachments expose blind spots when motorists are trying to merge or change lanes. The devices have a convex shape, which will allow drivers to see a broader view of objects behind and around their vehicles. 


Hand-Held Wet/Dry Vacuum

Everyone should invest in a portable vacuum for their car for quick and easy clean-ups. Some of them can even plug into your carports to give you an extra boost in power. When searching for the ideal vacuum, look for one with interchangeable accessories that can clean both wet and dry messes. Ensure that the attachable parts can help you reach all the hidden cracks of your vehicle. 


We stand by these items at Sherman Oaks Exclusive. If your car requires auto repair or maintenance, we invite you to bring it to our shop today. Give us a call at (818) 900-0995 or visit today.