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​​Tips on How to Protect Your Car's Upholstery and Interior

Whether you've got a brand-new or high-quality vehicle on your hands, you want it to stay in good condition for years to come. And a meaningful way to keep your car looking great is by preserving the car's interior surfaces. If your vehicle is clean and well-maintained inside, it will not only be worth more, but it will be more pleasant to drive. Today, we will discuss some tips on how to preserve your vehicle's interior and upholstery. 

  1. Clean It Regularly. This tip is the most obvious, but the dirtier your car is, the more it will wear down. Small particles and debris, including crumbs, can cause the materials inside to wear more quickly. So, we advise you to clean and vacuum the inside as much as possible. Ideally, it would be best to do it once every 2-3 weeks. 
  2. Shade From UV Rays. Over time, the UV rays can fade the interior of your car. It can even cause plastic and leather to peel and damage in the worst cases. That's why it's essential to shield your car from the sun's harmful rays by parking in a garage, parking in the shade, and/or adding sun shield covers or window tinting to your car.
  3. Avoid Eating Or Drinking In the Car. The best way to avoid making a mess and leaving stains and nasty smells in your car is by not eating or drinking in it. 
  4. Invest In Seat Covers And Floor Mats - Floor mats are great to have in order to avoid dragging in mud, leaves, and other contaminants that may stain your car floors. Seat covers offer the same type of benefits for your seats in addition to blocking out the sun damage. These coverings are a great way to avoid stains and clean up easily.

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