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Time to Make New Year’s Resolutions for Your Car!

Happy New Year! You may be starting 2021 with one or more resolutions, and including a few for your car is a great idea to consider. As a regular driver, there are many ways to improve your safety, efficiency, and driving habits. Consider some of the following ideas to make some resolutions for your own car:

Learn Basic Maintenance

Can you change a tire or check your oil? Learning simple tasks to keep your car in good condition is vital for optimal performance. Keeping a spare tire and a few tools on hand will get you out of a difficult situation while rotating your tires, and keeping an eye on your engine's performance and oil levels are of utmost importance and may save you a towing fee or calling roadside assistance.

Get Regular Tune-ups

Ensuring that your car is performing at its best isn't a luxury but necessary to avoid unnecessary repairs and damage. Getting regular tune-ups will prevent many common problems that could leave you stranded or in a situation that will cost you more in the long run. In between taking your car for preventative maintenance, always check your light indicator for brake fluid, engine performance, and battery power to ensure they all function at their best.

Avoid Distracted Driving at all Times

It's tempting to check your phone or grab a bite to eat on the go, though you may also contribute to unsafe driving when you enjoy a snack, chat, or text during your trip. Keep your focus consistent, and commit to checking your messages and taking photos only once you pull over or stop driving. Limit the number of items you have in your car, as this can be a distraction and may obstruct your vision too. Keeping your vehicle clean and free of debris helps make your drive safer and more enjoyable.

Courtesy and extending kindness on the road to other drivers can make your day less stressful and improve your commute to and from work. Commit to improving on all aspects of driving so that you can get the most out of your trip without anxiety by leaving a few minutes early and always being prepared in advance.