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Labor Day Driving Tips

Did you know that Labor Day weekend is one of the most dangerous times of the year to be driving in America? With an extended weekend, many families and friends come together for a last hurrah of the summer.  Whether you’re staying local or taking a road trip, be sure to be extra careful on the busy roads. 


Traffic will definitely be overwhelming, and no one wants to spend the holiday stuck on the side of the road. To avoid crashes and/or breakdowns, we thought it would be great to share these tips and tricks to make your drives safer.

  • SAFETY FIRST! First and foremost, please remember to buckle up when getting into your car. Not only should you be following the law, but make sure your passengers, especially kids, are buckled up too.
  • MINIMIZE DISTRACTIONS. Keep your phone out of sight and out of mind once you have put in your directions or picked out your song. Both your hands should be on the wheel at all times. And your eyes should be focused on the road ahead of you.
  • PREPARATION IS KEY. There’s a long list of items you should prepare for, especially if you’re going on a road trip. First and foremost, you should plan out the best time to leave. The earlier you plan to leave, the better and less congested traffic will be. Next, know the rest stops, gas stations, and alternative routes ahead of time. Last but not least, check traffic conditions before you leave. This includes the weather.
  • MAKE SURE YOUR CAR IS SAFE. When taking your car on the road for an extended period, you want it to run in tip-top shape. If you’re past due for an oil change, new brakes, or a windshield wiper replacement, we advise you to go ahead and have these things done. Plus, an inspection from a trusted source like Sherman Oaks Exclusive will give you the confidence that you can make it there safely.

If you’re heading out of town for the holidays and require a vehicle inspection, we welcome you to Sherman Oaks Exclusive today. Safe travels from our team!