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Is It Safe To Drive With The Oil Light On?

There are multiple causes for the oil light to become illuminated. When it does it is best to immediately turn off the vehicle and refrain from driving it until the problem is resolved. While this can be extremely inconvenient, it is preferable to the risk of engine damage caused by driving the vehicle.

Let's take a look at why the oil light may be illuminated and what your next steps should be.

How come the Oil Light is on?

There are several reasons your vehicle's oil light may be on. Let's have a look at the most common reasons and what to do.

Time for an Oil Change!

This is the most typical cause of the oil warning light to illuminate. It indicates that the oil level is so low that the oil light sensor activated the light. Simply confirm this by inspecting the oil and refilling the oil in the vehicle.

Reduced Oil Pressure

If the oil pump has difficulty circulating oil, the pressure is low. You should have this inspected, as operating a vehicle with low oil pressure or no oil might damage the engine. You should immediately have your vehicle inspected to prevent further damage.

Oil Sensor is Faulty

Occasionally, the oil sensor may be activated due to a foreign particle in the sensor region. The Low oil light will blink when the oil pressure sensor is about to fail. This can be quite alarming for car owners, as low oil can cause significant engine damage.

What Should You Do When the Oil Warning Light Is On?

Stop or Park Your Vehicle

You will need to stop driving to determine why the oil light is illuminated. In order to prevent more damage, it is essential that you turn off the car before attempting this.


You should contact a mechanic to have your vehicle examined immediately. It is NOT SAFE to drive a vehicle with the oil light illuminated.

If you need an oil warning light repair, bring your vehicle to Sherman Oaks Exclusive or call us today.