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Fun Car Road Trip Games

Road trips are a great way to get away with your friends or family. Some people don't mind the car ride, while others dread the boredom of being in a car. Road trips shouldn't have to be that way; you can make the drive just as enjoyable by preparing road trip games. Below are some fun games to try out on your next adventure:

One Sentence Story

This is a fun story-telling game, where each person in the car has to continue the story with a sentence at a time. Each person will go until they feel as though the story has concluded.

I Spy

This game is a classic for a reason, and it is great to play with children too. One person chooses a thing in everyone's sight to be "it", and they will have to give a clue surrounding the object (ex. the letter it starts with or the color). The others will have to take turns to guess until someone gets the correct answer.

Would You Rather

Would You Rather can get pretty funny and interesting. It's a game where you propose two different scenarios, and the other people would share which they would rather pick and discuss why. 

Name That Song

You and your passengers can take turns playing snippets of songs and take turns guessing the title and artist name. Keep in mind one person has to be the "DJ" picking the songs.

Marry, Kiss, Avoid

Each person in the car lists out three celebrities, and each takes a chance and admits who they would have to kiss, marry, or ignore.


Sherman Oaks Exclusive wishes you fun and safe travels! If you want to ensure your vehicle remains safe and reliable on your journey, feel free to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop for a pre-trip inspection. Let us be your top choice in all your professional auto care needs!

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