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A New Year Means a Step Forward to Better Car Care

You're probably already working on a hefty list of New Year's resolutions, but we guarantee that adding preventative maintenance to that list is something you won't regret! With the hustle and bustle in California, many of us often forget about how important it is to take care of our vehicles until we experience a breakdown or see warning lights flashing on the dashboard. 2022 is the year to prioritize maintaining your car.

Benefits of Preventative Car Maintenance

We highly encourage you to be proactive this New Year and have your car serviced by a certified technician at Sherman Oaks Exclusive. Preventative maintenance can protect your investment and extend the life of your vehicle. Getting your car serviced at its factory-recommended intervals can help prevent costly repairs from arising.

The basic maintenance items that your vehicle manufacturer usually recommends are oil changes, fuel, and air filter changes, fluid refills or flushes, and spark plug replacements. The most frequent item you need to take care of is your oil changes. The Sherman Oaks Exclusive team can assist you with these items to have your car in tip-top shape throughout 2022. Read on if you're not sure how often your vehicle may need service.

How Often Should Your Car Get Service?

Most of the time, you can figure how often you need service by calculating how much you drive. Individuals who drive more than average will need to service their vehicles more often and vice versa. You can also refer to your owner's manual for the suggested schedule intervals. However, every model and make may have different recommendations.


The most significant New Year's resolution to keep this year is to remember to take your car to a professional auto shop on time for maintenance. In the end, you'll realize that preventative car maintenance services are considerably cheaper than having to deal with costly repairs. If you would like to kick start the year with some quality service, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Sherman Oaks Exclusive today!