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5 Reasons Why SUVs Are Popular

Most people that own an SUV don’t even understand what it the letters stand for. An SUV is a
sports utility vehicle, and they have been increasing in popularity over the years. In the last several years, over 8 million SUVs have been accounted for in automobiles (new or used) sold in America. That is why most vehicles on the road today are SUVs. Read on to learn why they are America’s preferred vehicle choice.

Sedans used to be the winner in the categories of sizing and affordability. However, they don’t offer the versatility of sports utility vehicles. SUVs can handle various terrains with better comfort, larger space, and increased safety. 

You can get the best of both worlds with an SUV. Whether you are squeezing into city traffic and parking or ready to go off-roading, it is perfect for both. SUVs can have both a casual appearance and a fancy appearance. They can be driven by practically any individual with various needs.

Cargo Space
An SUV is just the right amount of upsizing for the average sedan driver. SUVs naturally have large trunks that can fold down all the way to make room for the stuff you might need to haul. Whether you need to carry suitcases, sporting equipment, or boxes for a move, an SUV will make your life easier. 

SUVS are overall more comfortable to ride in for longer periods of time. They generally have more legroom, especially for those in the backseat. Furthermore, modern SUVs, have tons of features like chargers, cup holders, and even beverage coolers to make family road trips that much more enjoyable.

Last but not least, let’s discuss the advantages of the size difference between the SUV and sedan. Their size and weight and height give SUV drivers an advantage of added protection in crashes. Furthermore, their added height gives the driver a slightly larger view of the road. That is why SUVs are sought by so many families with children.

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